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  • Crimp Oil | Skin Care Oil
  • Crimp Oil | Skin Care Oil

Crimp Oil | Skin Care Oil


Crimp Oil's Skin Care Oil is a must-have for climbers, helping to regenerate skin. Made with 5 essential oils, it helps to prevent and heal chapped skin.


It's a dry oil meaning you can apply it before climbing, using the easy roll-on applicator, without leaving any grease on your hands to ruin your climb.



  • Made from 5 completely natural essential oils: Lavender, Cistus, Damas Rose, St John’s wort and Myrrh.
  • All these oils are well known for skin-care and keep your hands in great climbing condition!


How to use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use the roll-on-applicator to apply to fingertips and other damaged areas.
  • Use as many times as you need both before and after climbs.
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