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  • Opinel | Brunch Knives
  • Opinel | Brunch Knives
  • Opinel | Brunch Knives

Opinel | Brunch Knives


Brunch is our favourite meal of the day, and now it's been granted its very own knife!


Why we love it!

  • An 11.5cm long blade with a rounded tip is perfect for reaching down to the very bottom of jars.
  • A 7.5cm serrated section means you can cut bread, pastry, sausages, scones ... the list goes on!
  • The rounded widened tip is ideal for quick spreading.


Available in two finishes:

  • Natural: French beech, homogenous appearance with small dark dashes throughout, varnished without colouration.
  • Tangerine: The same French beech used in the natural finish but with an orange tint applied before varnishing.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to buy any bladed article in the UK.

    New laws mean we take two steps to ensure our knives don't end up in the hands of anyone underage.

    After your purchase, we will send instructions to send us proof of age (usually in the form of a photo ID). 

    We ship our knives via Royal Mail age verification so you'll have to show your ID again to accept delivery.

    Knife crime is a serious problem and this is our way of helping to combat knives ending up in underage hands.

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