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  • Petromax | Percolator
  • Petromax | Percolator
  • Petromax | Percolator

Petromax | Percolator


The Perkomax Percolator is a must-have for all tea and coffee lovers! 


Percolators gently prepare tea and coffee, retaining more of their natural flavour within the drink. The Perkomax can be used outdoors over a fire or inside on any stove type!


How does it work?

  • The coffee or tea is held within a perforated basket at the top of the percolator.
  • A hollow tube carries the hottest water (near its boiling point of 100 degrees) up to the tea or coffee. 
  • Water is continuously cycled through the basket and the longer it's brewed, the richer and deeper the flavour will become.



  • A maximum capacity of 1.3 litres means you can brew up to 9 cups at once.
  • Made from enamelled steel, the Perkomax is hard-wearing and durable; no need to worry about using it outdoors.
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