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YY | Mono


The Mono is a super compact training accessory specially designed to isolate muscle and tendon development of one or two fingers. The Mono will prepare your fingers for all kinds of grips!


A mono-finger hole makes training with the Mono easy; there are no complicated fingerboards here. Its pocket (or keyring!) size means you can take it everywhere.


There are several ways you can use the Mono to train: featherweight by attaching to a resistance band, middleweight by attaching to weights or your kit bag, or bodyweight by hanging on it.


  • A single mono-finger hole.
  • Sold singularly.
  • Only 30 grams and keyring size!
  • Made from recycled rubber wood with a soft finish.


Grips on the Mono:

  • A mono-finger hole.
  • Grip the Mono in a pinch grip.
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