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  • YY | Shock Mini
  • YY | Shock Mini

YY | Shock Mini


The Shock Mini is an ultra-compact and powerful massage gun designed to accompany you on all your sporting outings.


This compact version of the YY Shock One is smaller and lighter but still delivers the same force and percussion so you don't have to compromise performance!


The Mini also comes with a silicone head designed to be used alongside oils like Crimp Oil. 


Why use a massage gun?

  • They're shown to increase blood flow to the area.
  • Increasing blood flow aids in the removal of waste products, reducing soreness up to 24-48 hours post-workout.
  • Other potential benefits include improved range of motion, and improved recovery times.


Tech Specs:

  • Ultra-lightweight at 320grams
  • Quiet operation <50dB
  • 4 speed settings
  • Pocket sized; perfect for any kit bag!
  • Supplied with 5 interchangeable heads, a charging cable and travel bag. 
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