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Shop Terms and Conditions

These apply to all purchases made online for physical products. It lays out how purchasing things from us works and includes things like our returns and refunds policy. Anyone making a purchase should read these.

Booking Terms and Conditions

These apply to all course, activity and service bookings. It contains things like our cancellation policy, our inclement weather policy, and our payment policy. Anyone making a booking should read these.

Terms of Use

This policy has all the terms which govern your use of our website. It includes things you may do and ways you can do these. It covers accessing, browsing and using our site and should be read before you use the site.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy informs you of all actions on our website that we deem unacceptable such as planting viruses, using our intellectual property and our content standards. This policy should be read alongside our Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

This policy tells you about the data we collect from you, how we use this data and how we store it. It tells you your rights regarding your data and our obligations. It applies too all areas of our business including our site.

Cookie Policy

This policy is specific to using our website. It explains what cookies are, how we use them and how you can have control of them. It is relevant to our privacy policy and should be read before using our website.

Our Ethics and Values

These statements give you an insight into the way in which we run our business. It contains guarantees for our shop, our bookings and our services. It doesn't contain any terms but lets you understand who we are.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity

This describes how we operate our business in a fair, diverse and inclusive way. It describes, for each of the headings, what we believe is important and how we work to uphold our moral and legal obligations.

Safeguarding Policy

We're committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults from abuse of all forms. This policy describes the ways that we identify, report and prevent abuse. It tells you all the measures we have in place.

Complaints Procedure

If something has gone wrong with any product or service that we have delivered, this procedure outlines how you can make a complaint. It explains how we process complaints and the actions to resolve them.

Knife Policy

Our shop stocks and sells bladed articles which, under UK law, have a minimum age of purchase. Selling online does not reduce our responsibility to uphold this minimum age so this policy explains how we do this.


Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) presents environmental challenges that we are dedicated to helping fight. This policy states the ways we work to prevent WEEE from going to landfill. 

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