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  • Petromax | Dutch Ovens
  • Petromax | Dutch Ovens
  • Petromax | Dutch Ovens
  • Petromax | Dutch Ovens

Petromax | Dutch Ovens

PriceFrom £24.95

These cast iron Dutch oven's from Petromax take up a tradition appreciated since the 18th century. The unique properties of cast iron mean the Dutch oven is ideally suited to cooking and baking outdoors or the home oven; a truly diverse and rugged cooking option. 


Key Features:

  • Upturning the lid let sit be used as a pan; perfect for frying off ingredients before adding them to the pot!
  • The sturdy handle can be used to carry the oven or hang it over the fire.
  • Available with and without legs, and in a variety of sizes to fit any cooking set up.
  • A thermometer hole lets you check the temperature without having to lift the lid.
  • Raised edges on the lid allow you to place coals or embers on top of the oven, heating the food from all sides.


Cast Iron Quality:

  • The metal's characteristics and surface structure mean heat is efficiently stored and distributed.
  • Petromax applies a pre-treatment to the surface so a first seasoning isn't needed and you can get cooking straight away!





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