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  • Petromax | Hobo Stove
  • Petromax | Hobo Stove

Petromax | Hobo Stove


Light, efficient and portable; this stove is perfect to use while travelling! 


The stove's design takes advantage of the stack effect so branches burn economically and extremely hot. Hot air exiting at the top draws cool air into the base of the stove, bringing in more oxygen to fuel the fire. 



  • The Flatpack design makes this stove compact and extremely lightweight ( only 600 grams! ); perfect for backpacking.
  • Simple slotting assembly makes it easy to use yet strong enough to support even the heaviest pot.
  • With the grate assembled in the upper position, spirit burners or dry fuel tablets can be used safely too.
  • Made of stainless steel, the stove is durable and strong.
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